Project Notes

The Heart Foundation Branding

The 2012 Heart Foundation gala was a grand, multi-million dollar fund-raising event held at the Hollywood Palladium to raise money for Dr. P.K. Shah's ground-breaking heart disease research. Version-X was tapped to design and produce the 2012 tribute book, on-stage visuals, event signage and other creative visuals for the gala. The VX creative team took this year's book to the next level by eliminating the traditional printed paper book and replacing it with an all-digital eBook, displayed on digital reader devices, generously donated by our parters at Sony. Version-X was in charge of all visuals, production and the loading of content for all 750 Reader devices, and the VX team were on hand during the crucial "reveal" moment at the gala. Be sure to read our blog article all about the 6-month production of these pieces. 

Event branding Sony Readers and the 2012 Tribute eBook Printed items On-stage graphics On-stage graphics On-stage graphics Version-X's Michael Newhouse, passing out the devices Version-X's Chris Fasan, passing out the devices

VX Photo Booth.