Project Notes

Macadamia Natural Oil Packaging

We set out to create a look for the line that was “modern natural”.  We wanted to avoid the stereotypical natural, organic aesthetic that all natural-type products seem to gravitate to.  These needed to stand out and make you fall in love with them.  We felt that a shrink sleeve would give us a lot of creative freedom but the challenge was that these are high-end, expensive professional hair care products and needed to look the part.  We needed to find a way to use shrink sleeves in a way that didn’t say “supermarket vitamin water”.  We pulled it off with the use of matte coating combined with spot varnish plus 6 spot colors.  The oil has a clear window knocked out of the art to accentuate the glass and give them a glimpse at the oil inside.

Macadamia Product Line Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment Macadamia Deep Repair masque Macadamia Nourishing Leave-in Cream Macadamia group Macadamia group

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