VX Heats Up Cosmoprof Vegas

We’re well into Summer and here at Version-X that means one thing every year – Cosmoprof! With so many of our clients involved in the professional beauty industry, it’s become an annual occurrence for VX to make the trek to Las Vegas for the annual Cosmoprof North America trade show. The event is a great place for us to review all of the work we’ve done for our clients throughout the year, and provides for a great look at the overall professional beauty industry. As a bonus, it’s also a great chance to spend some quality time as a team outside the office – something that we look forward to year after year.

Cosmoprof 2012 Entry

Version-X was involved with designing two booths at the show this year – for our clients I.C.O.N. and Macadmia Natural Oil. Even though we’ve been working on booths for both of these clients for years, each space provided its own design challenges, as well as some great show-stopping results.

Last year, we talked about how much we had expanded I.C.O.N.’s booth for the 2011 show. This year we expanded it again – by nearly double the square footage! We re-purposed a good portion of the existing structure for the booth with exciting new graphics, but we took it a step further this year by adding some softness and height. Large pieces of hanging fabric, suspended from the ceiling, formed a peaked tent over the primary entry space for the booth. This main area is where guests came to check out I.C.O.N.’s latest and greatest and the overhead tent used creative lighting to create an intriguing space that was visible from hundreds of feet down the show floor. New textures, lighting configurations and furniture were also brought into the booth to provide a more inviting, intimate experience that set their space apart from many of the other booths, which felt corporate and cold. Show attendees agreed as large groups of people gathered at the new booth, even stopping to take photos in front of the cool new space!

I.C.O.N. 2012 Booth

We also created new graphics for Macadamia Natural Oil on and off the show floor this year, for a double dose of updated branding. Rather than a single presence at the show this year, Macadamia opted to have a smaller booth on the floor and add a large-scale private meeting area off of the floor for quieter meetings with their contacts. Both spaces featured new large-scale graphics with updated model photos, textures and product imagery. The space on the floor was buzzing with attendees excited to hear about Macadamia’s new products and industry media conducting interviews, while their meeting space had a constant flow of visitors in a more relaxed yet well-themed environment.

Macadamia Natural Oil 2012 Meeting Space

Also on the show floor this year, first-time client Olez revealed their new professional straightening system Inception, for which we designed the overall brand direction and packaging artwork. Version-X worked with Olez to create a stylish, simple yet "scientific" look for this new line of professional-only products and Cosmoprof was the ideal venue for its debut. The clean lines and bold, fun colors on the bottles and kit boxes we came up with added a vibrant punch to the new brand that will ensure it gets serious consideration from discerning distributors, salons and clients.

Olez Inception Packaging & Boxes

Our team had a great time catching up with our clients and getting a good look at the breadth of projects that we’ve done over the last year. As designers and marketers, it’s exciting to see the results of your hard work come together and to see the public interacting with products, promotions and environments that you’ve helped create. Making our clients stand out from the crowd is the reason we do what we do!

The VX team having fun at the show

Now that the show is behind us, it will soon be time to start our planning and design process all over again and we’ll be asking the annual question “how do we top ourselves this year?” We've got eleven months left to do it and are looking forward to the challenge!

VX Photo Booth.