Version-X Helps Sumita Cosmetics Prepare to Take the World by Storm

We’re pleased to see Sumita Cosmetics’ brand launch making strides. Export Magazine just published the two-page spread that we designed featuring the Sumita Brow Bar for their Spring 2015 issue.

Version-X has been hard at work leading the rebranding and marketing campaign for Sumita Cosmetics. From the brand’s conception, Sumita Cosmetics has been positioned to shatter the beauty industry’s contemporary ways of servicing eyes and brows. For that reason, the Version-X team knew that nothing short of groundbreaking design and an on-point marketing campaign would do this client justice.

Working closely with Sumita Cosmetics’ key decision makers, our team is running the full gamut of design and production capabilities. We’ve developed a variety of assets, from a state-of-the-art website to branded event materials like folders with embedded video screens and customized USB card media kits.

With Sumita Cosmetics set to make appearances at Cosmoprof 2015 Bologna and Las Vegas this year, the Version-X team is looking forward to another exciting year full of opportunities to push the envelope and take our clients to the next level.

VX Photo Booth.