Version-X Case Study: AwardsLine

Version-X Case Study: AwardsLine


AwardsLine Magazine


A series of seven entertainment industry magazine issues leading up to the 2012 Academy Awards, put out by the well-known online website


• Creative Concept and Direction
• Artwork Production
• Informational Graphics and Diagrams
• Iconography
• Proofing of Copy and Artwork
• Creation of Press-Ready Artwork
• Print Production Management


AwardsLine came to us needing a complete overhaul for their second year as a magazine. The main challenge was designing a grid system and predetermined styles for the articles that would allow for information to be laid out in a quick and consistent manner without looking too templated and maintaining an interesting and engaging reading experience. This flexibility and ease of use were extremely important as deadlines often butted up very closely to when final copy was received.


We were faced with many challenges throughout this project. Very tight deadlines and turnaround times, assets delivered to us very late for all issues, you name it. Rewrites of all the articles would literally take place on the day each magazine was due to the printer. An editor and copywriter from the client would be in our conference room all day doing edits and changes and working with our production designer to execute changes, typically until the wee hours of the night.


We are no stranger to finicky clients and last minute changes, which often threaten to derail an initial design’s coherent vision and objective. Drawing on our experience and adaptability, we were still able to deliver great design on time and error free.

The new design was a huge hit with both the very particular client and the entertainment industry honchos it catered to. AwardsLine received nothing but praise and accolades and continued to use much of the modified style and design choices in future years/issues via their in-house design team.

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