Version-X Adding Brand Consulting Option

Over the course of the past couple of years, Version-X has been steadily morphing its agency focus and energy more to its core specialty of brand strategy and development.

Lately we have been hard at work overhauling our offerings and ways to work with us to be more reflective of our specific expertise. Based on frequent requests, one of these ways will be on a consulting level.

Effective at the start of the new year we will officially be offering a consultation option for two common scenarios that we come across regularly:

Those at the very early stages of their brand idea.
For fledgling entrepreneurs who have ideas but need guidance, advice and direction from an expert.

Larger companies who already have a creative team in place.
These brands might not need our creative services but are thirsting for a new perspective and conceptual leadership in order to push past their current brand plateau.

Consulting sessions will be led by agency principal and prestige branding veteran Chris Fasan and are available either at our Los Angeles office or on-site. 

For more information please submit a reqeust form and we can discuss your specific needs, our process and cost in further detail.

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