3 Ways to Work With Version-X

Many clients come to us without an initial understanding that there are a few different ways they can employ Version-X's talents an capabilities to meet their particular needs. In order to make this more clear we have summarized these for easy reference. This information is also part of our newly updated What We Do section of the site.

The Total Package
Many of our best clients come to us with merely an idea or concept for a new line of products or a service, relying on our expertise to formulate the best strategy and lead the execution. Others have a great concept but the "brand" they have just isn't what it needs to be. In either case we can guide, advise and lead the way to a new and better brand via strategy, planning, concept and then execution on all fronts.

A La Carte Creative Projects
Need a packaging overhaul? An upgraded campaign? Literature? Trade show presence? We've done it all and then some. We'd be happy to discuss your individual project needs with that big-picture brand perspective that sets us apart from your typical design studio.

Consulting Only
Even companies that have a talented in-house creative team often need a new eye and fresh perspective to help guide necessary positive change. Prestige brand expert Chris Fasan, our glorious leader and resident branding savant, has the uncanny ability to seamlessly infuse himself into your team. He will work hand-in-hand with your resources to analyze your particular situation, recommend a comprehensive course of action and lead your team through the process all the way to the finish line.

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