Social Media Takes the Olympic Gold

Social Media Olympics

The London Olympics have come and gone with the clear winner being social media.

There's no question the London 2012 games were the first social media Olympics, connecting us to the games like never before. Just a few clicks or smartphone swipes away brought us up-to-date stats, results and news. Athletes were connected more than ever before, providing behind the scenes access and offering fans a completely new way to experience the games. 

However, if the 2012 #Olympics taught us anything, it was that businesses of all sizes need to take the impact of social media into consideration.

Just ask NBC.

Or read Tom Watson's thoughts on TechCrunch not only complained about the delay, they also told readers not to watch the Olympics.

NBC, the official broadcaster of the 2012 Olympic games in the United States, made the decision to tape delay the most popular Olympic events for primetime TV slots. This decision proved to be quite controversial. Controversial may be an understatement. People were downright angry, and took to social media to voice their displeasure. Check out #NBC fail.

This is precisely why businesses must integrate social media strategy as a piece of the marketing puzzle. Apart from design, branding and web, Version-X also offers full-service marketing including social media. Businesses now need to treat social media as more than just another platform for presenting products and services to customers. Social media has given consumers a worldwide community to voice satisfaction or displeasure about brands, products and services. Problems that would once take days, weeks or months (sometimes never) to be seen and heard on a mass level, now have the potential to go national and worldwide in a matter of minutes.

The London 2012 Olympic games may have been the best yet. From a social media standpoint, at least, the games were a resounding success given the extensive use by the athletes, media and fans.

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