NextBrand Business Cards Featured on FPO

We attempted to create stylish and sophisticated cards that would stand out and make a strong impression. We wanted them to not only be visually appealing, but we also wanted to create a tactile experience for the recipients.

People have definitely taken notice of the thick cotton stock, and the subtle emboss adds a nice finishing touch. There is also an inherent charm with these cards as each one of them was printed and cut by hand, and with great skill. Whether the recipients realize it or not, it appears to make a difference.

Letterpress can be a little more costly and take a bit longer than digital or offset printing, but if you are looking to make an impact and you have the means then we would highly suggest it. We printed locally, which we think was an added bonus. Giving us greater control of the end result, supporting local businesses, and for the pure joy of being able to take part in the process.

nextbrand business card view 01

nextbrand business card view 02

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