New Work: Metropolis Brush Packaging

Metropolis Technology creates high-end hair tools for contemporary professionals and consumers. Version-X recently performed a complete redesign of the brand and their main line of products. Hot on the heels of that we were commissioned to design packaging for their new professional line of stylist hair brushes.

Metropolis Brushes Packaging

The magenta and blue colors were pulled from the main brand and product lineup and are balanced with varying values of rich black to help the products stand out. Rounded die-cut windows on the front of the packaging interplay with metropolitan imagery to evoke the feeling of movement in the city – the overall Metropolis brand story. Glossy spot UV coating contrasts with the overall satin finish of the pieces to add an extra touch of contemporary class and style.

Metropolis Brushes Packaging

Metropolis Brushes Packaging

Version-X designer Jason Campbell was the team member tasked with designing the boxes, from initial sketches to final production: "We wanted the design of the packaging to make a connection and be in-line with the overall brand, but also have a little individuality and be strong enough to stand on it's own. The overall line of the Metropolis products were divided into two categories, Consumer and Prosumer, and were distinguished by the colors blue and magenta respectively. The brush series was unique in that it crossed the line between these categories so the typical branding application did not apply."

Metropolis Brushes Packaging - Initial Concept Sketches

Chris Fasan, CD on the project, comments: "Really love the way these turned out; Jason did a fantastic job embellishing on the look of the brand and adding some extra touches of style and detail. These new pieces really help to flesh out the overall aesthetic of the brand and will help further define them as a leader of the professional hair tool category."

Metropolis Brushes Packaging

Agency: Version-X Design
Location: Los Angeles, CA - United States
Designer: Jason Campbell
Creative Director: Chris Fasan

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