New Season, New Markets, Same Dedication

Summer is rapidly approaching and it’s usually the beginning of a very busy season here at Version-X. This year, though, we’ve been non-stop from the beginning of the year with many new projects, new clients and new services!

Version-X’s new marketing department launched full-force in the Fall and while our team may be small, we’re dedicated to delivering brand results. We offer a full suite of digital and traditional marketing services, including web design, SEO, social media, trade show and event design.

The first brand to come on board with our marketing program was Macadamia Natural Oil. While Version-X has a long history of creating solid branding and creative solutions for the growing company, Macadamia was ready to take their brand from an introductory product to one that’s requested by name, so they came to us looking for guidance on how to make it happen.

Version-X took the marketing helm for Macadamia in October 2011 and at the time, the brand had just over 3,000 followers on their Facebook page and only a handful of followers on their Twitter feed. “Brand exposure was the primary objective with Macadamia,” says Michael Newhouse, Version-X’s Director of Marketing. “This was their first real consumer marketing effort, so we needed to produce compelling visuals, blog articles and video content with demographic appeal to encourage sharing with others.” The VX team put together exciting promotions, contests, user polls and more, which have engaged stylists and consumers, creating new and continued interest in the brand. With online social media, this content reached a massive audience in a short amount of time.

In just 8 months, Version-X has helped the brand’s online popularity explode with over 1,200 followers on Twitter and a staggering 32,000+ followers on Facebook – a remarkable feat for a salon-exclusive brand that launched only a few years ago. Fan loyalty has also grown exponentially, with users constantly engaging with the brand online, often creating their own reviews, videos and more.

Our marketing efforts are continuing to grow, as we’ve brought on additional marketing clients and we’ll be starting up these new ventures in the coming weeks with exciting marketing campaigns and online content!

This year has also brought new client relationships to Version-X. This Spring, we helped The Heart Foundation make a huge impact by designing and presenting a digital tribute book, on-stage graphics and more for their 2012 Gala at the Hollywood Palladium. We also branded The Heart Foundation’s campaign in partnership with American Idol on-air and throughout the American Idol Live! Tour this Summer. Make sure to read all about the work we’ve done with the Heart Foundation in our exclusive article about the project on our blog.

We’ve also developed new relationships with the beauty brand Eufora and research firm, Murphy Research. We’re busy developing exciting new online experiences for these brands, which we’ll be launching later this year.

We’re only half way through 2012 and our volume of work has already grown so much from a year ago. We’re excited to continue our relationships with existing clients and to forge new partnerships in the months to come. As we move forward, one question continues to emerge: What will Version-X come up with next?!

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