Metropolis Packaging

The Metropolis packaging we designed is now hitting the shelves! New packaging for their L-Ion Mini Wireless Iron, T-Ion Travel Dryer, Ti-Ion Mini Iron, T-Ion Iron, S-Nano Iron and T-Ion Digital Iron!

L-Ion Mini Wireless Iron: we went with a hard plastic box with artwork leaving a large window to best showcase the products impressively small size and sleek appearance.

T-Ion Travel Dryer: we gave it a simple flush closing box with artwork in line with the rest of Metropolis' products and spot UV.

Metropolis Technology Mini Wireless Iron & Travel Dryer

Ti-Ion Mini Iron: we used foil stamp on the sides to emphasis the shiny, titanium qualities along with the rest of the artwork.

Metropolis Technology Mini T-Ion Iron

T-Ion Iron, S-Nano Iron and T-Ion Digital Iron: we designed all the full sized iron boxes in a unique shape that opens much like a book to reveal the actual product, with a cover that clasps with invisible magnets.

Metropolis Technology Iron Packaging
Metropolis technology T-Ion Iron Box

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