Macadamia: Revisited

As designers it's important to have vision, not only for your current project, but for how that piece will ultimately fit into the grand scheme of a growing brand. Part of this vision is finding ways to keep an established brand feeling fresh and exciting from year to year without alienating consumers from the brand they know and love. We're in the process of working on this exact idea right now for one of our clients, Macadamia Natural Oil.

Version-X shares a long history with Macadamia Natural Oil. In 2009, they came to us looking to build a brand for their innovative Healing Oil Treatment and family of supporting products. After months of design, focusing on crafting a brand that would truly stand out, the line launched to the public. It was an instant, runaway success. In the Fall of 2010, they approached us with the task of adding some freshness into the (now well-recognized) brand. The main focus was a new photo shoot, which we coordinated and directed for Macadamia in December.

The new shoot brought a breath of fresh air to the brand in a number of different ways. Rather than using studio photography, something very typical in their industry, we decided that it would be best to use an outdoor location. The shoot took place at a beautiful architectural home in Brentwood, and the serene gardens contrasting with the modern lines of the home created a zen-like setting that perfectly complements the line. New models of different ethnicities brought a more diverse and versatile look into focus and natural, outdoor lighting brought a softer, more realistic feel to the images.

The shoot was a monumental success and we have some incredibly gorgeous imagery to work with in the coming months as we take Macadamia’s brand to a whole new level. We’ve already begun to gradually ease the new images into use. This past weekend, the industry got its first glimpse of them at the International Salon & Spa Expo in Long Beach, where the photos adorned 20’ walls in Macadamia’s newly-updated exhibit. We can’t help but assume that the new imagery is being well received due to the fact that Macadamia’s visual presence not only received much praise throughout the event but also won the coveted Best Exhibit In Show award!

More subtle changes will be coming to the brand in the coming months, but for now, they’re off to a fantastic start. We’re excited to be working with Macadamia and helping them build even further upon their successes. They are certainly one of our most dynamic clients and we can’t wait to see how the continual evolution of their brand will unfold as the year progresses.

Footnote: Special thanks to the photographers Angela & Ithyle

VX Photo Booth.