Macadamia Professional at Cosmoprof Bologna 2015

It’s been some time since Version-X was first contracted by Macadamia to launch its original lineup of premium hair care products.  Together we created the brand from conception and design all the way to the initial marketing efforts. Since then, we’ve taken great pride in watching the Macadamia brand achieve explosive growth year after year.

Thus it goes without saying that we were thrilled when they approached us for a design and packaging overhaul for their new “Professional” line. The new packaging design was streamlined to give the products a look fitting for modern salons. It is simplified, professional, elegant, and yet still alludes to the natural and organic elements that the brand’s aesthetic has become so famous for.

Cosmoprof Bologna 2015 saw Macadamia debut its new Macadamia Pro lineup in a big way, and while we are proud to have been a major part of their past success, we are also really excited to be able to continue to help the Macadamia brand expand by leaps and bounds into the future.


VX Photo Booth.