International Recognition for Version-X

The London International Creative Competition announced its winners this past Friday and Version-X was the proud recipient of two nods. VX design team member Adam Stoddard garnered us an honorable mention for his stylish high-concept Macadamia poster, while Steve Silvas was similarly honored for his stunning execution on the I.C.O.N. Magazine 2011 issue.

Artwork for the LICC Awards is juried by a board of internationally-esteemed artists, writers, curators, gallery owners and other luminaries of the visual arts.   The LICC was started in 2006 by the Farmani Group, whose other endeavors include the founding of numerous charities, initiatives and arts organizations such as photograpy's Lucie Awards and the award-winning VUE magazine. "The LICC was formed to provide an open platform and even playing field for all artists and we are honored to have been recognized by such a reputable international creative organization." says Chris Fasan, Creative Director at Version-X.

About The Projects
The first graphic design work honored was a beautiful poster created to showcase the brand Version-X created for international professional hair care client Macadamia Natural Oil.  The poster was designed as an avant-garde promotional piece for Version-X to showcase the essence of the Macadamia brand itself without resorting to  the standard product or model imagery. It mixes several of the Macadamia brand elements with a unique design flair that gives it a little bit of a different edge and ties in with the focal macadamia and argan oil ingredients of the line.

The second winning project was for client I.C.O.N.’s annual magazine. The book features stylish use of the glossy spot UV effect contrasting with an otherwise matte finish; the intent to give particular printed elements a “wet look” correlating with the "splattering color" photography theme so deftly captured by photographer Michael Pool.

"The ICON magazine is a big challenge every year, but one that I look forward to. It's a great opportunity to stretch our creative muscles and do things that don't fit into our usual design routines. This year's book was really fun to put together, so it's nice to see others enjoying it as well," expressed VX Senior Designer Steve Silvas.

VX Photo Booth.