Expanding An I.C.O.N. (Part 1 of 2)

Anytime a client asks us to update their trade show booth, it's a big production. Aside from the actual design work there are a lot of logistics that need to be wrangled in order to make it all happen. It's a long process but one that can be really rewarding when you get to see first hand people at a show actualy experiencing a brand that we've helped develop and grow. I.C.O.N. wanted to make a major expansion to their existing booth structure that we created last year for CosmoProf. This year's version would be nearly double the square footage with additional structure, shelving and all-new graphics. 

Our process began with a big brainstorming session where our team threw out ideas on how we could expand the booth while keeping the client's needs in mind. Many different concepts were explored at this phase, but we finally narrowed it down to one. 

white board brainstorming

Once we had the working concept locked down, we began to create scale drawings of the existing pieces to see how they would interact with the additional structure that we would have fabricated. From there, these drawings were brought into three dimensions using 3D drawing software. This step really helps to define the space and give a sense of scale, spacing and depth. When making trade show environments, it's really important to keep in mind how people will use the space - how much room is needed in doorways, aisles, seating, etc. Having a 3D model of the space really helps to plan for all of these things and adjust before anything is fabricated. 

scale drawing of booth

3D drawing of booth

Once the initial structure and planning is approved and finalized, all of the dimensions are sent to one of our fabricating partners and the large structural elements are custom-created for us. From here there are still a whole slew of things to figure out - graphics, flooring, furniture, shelving and more. Learn about how we did all that in part 2 of this series next week. 





VX Photo Booth.