COPR–Central Oregon Portfolio Review

Fall 2017 Edition

  • date: Mon. 10/30
  • time: 6pm - 9pm
  • location:
    10 Barrel HQ Banquet Room
    62950 Northeast 18th Street
    Bend, Oregon 97701


Held on 10/30 at 10 Barrel HQ,  the 1st annual COPR is a mentorship, feedback and community-building event for all Central Oregon creative professionals as well as those aspiring to be. The event will feature:

  • Speakers across several creative fields discussing their work, process and experiences.
  • 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with a number of experts in a wide variety of creative fields.

The event designed to achieve three primary objectives:

  1. Foster a stronger sense of community amongst creative professionals and working artists.
  2. Encourage and assist new creative talent within Central Oregon by helping them to understand creative career opportunities and how to successfully pursue them.
  3. Inspire and motivate all creative professionals.

We define “creative professionals” as anyone who is working in a creative/artistic area as part of their career or livelihood–be it a fine artist, commercial graphic designer or social media marketer.



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Event Format/Schedule

Please note that timing and schedule may be adjusted as the event and its expected attendance evolves.

6:00-6:30: Mingle/Socialize/Sign up
A chance for people to engage with one another and enjoy some yummy local food and drink. Also a time to review the Mentor List to sign up for a 10 minute 1-on-1 time slot with one of the several volunteer professionals who will be there to lend their valuable years of experience and knowledge to help you get a leg up. Mentors with experience that spans a wide variety of creative professions will be on hand, so pick the one that best fits your career path. Sign up early as some may book up quickly for high-demand specialties.

6:30-7:15: Presentations (several 5-10 minute presentations)
Featured creative professionals will showcase some work they have recently done and discuss their creative process.

7:15-7:30: 15 minute break
A brief break to transition to the portfolio review segment where everyone can stretch their legs, refresh their drinks and grab a snack/dessert.

7:30-8:30: 1-on-1 sessions (10 minutes each)
Time to sit down during your designated time slot with one of the Mentors that you signed up with to review your portfolio and/or resume, discuss experiences, receive helpful tips and suggestions to achieve your goals etc. Use the 10 minutes for whatever purpose best suits you to gain insight and further your creative career.
While waiting for your appointment feel free to sit at one of the Peer-to-Peer tables to talk with and share your work with other attendees. These tables will be available per creative profession so you can share with others of similar profession, or find out more about a new area you’re interested in.

8:30-9:00: Mingle/Socialize
This wrap up social time might be dipped into by 1-on-1 sessions or a longer panel discussion time depending on attendance and demand.


Mentor Category List

  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Fine Art
  • 3D/Animation
  • Illustration
  • Writing
  • Social Media
  • Interior Design

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