Case Study: Marcia Teixeira

Founded in 2006, Marcia Teixeira Keratin Treatments are the industry leader in professional hair smoothing systems. The company pioneered an entire beauty service category by introducing keratin treatments to the U.S. market. Now that market has become extremely crowded with copy-cat smoothing treatments, so Teixeira came to Version-X with the task of repositioning their brand as something that would clearly stand out from the rest of the category.

The first thing to change was the company's identity. The old logo felt awkward with inconsistent spacing and very dated type faces. In making a new logo, the overall goal was to create something much tighter and more solid - something that could serve as an easily-recognizable seal of quality when seen on products. We started with several concepts, but decided fairly quickly to use a monogram for their new look. The "M" monogram in the final mark forms the visual shape of a spiral that is changing from a curl to a straight line - reflecting the product's function of smoothing out frizzy and curly hair. Pair with classic typefaces, the mark stands well on its own but is also easily integrated into other visual pieces.

After the new brand identity was established, the product packaging was the next hurdle to tackle. An evaluation of all products in the line lead to the re-organization and re-naming of products in order to help distinguish the difference between them and to bring naming consistency to the line. To help further distinguish these differences, a complete overhaul of the packaging was designed with new color schemes to group like products together and give a clear visual identity to the various categories. Another big visual change came in the form of a “thumbprint” graphic that is consistent throughout the line, regardless of category. The thumbprint reinforces the idea of individuality of consumers and the idea that different products are made to target specific individual needs. 

In addition to the packaging, all marketing materials for the brand were re-designed to integrate the new look and breathe a new life of style into the brand. Warmer color palettes make the information more comfortable to absorb and new thematic elements help organize information in a logical, easy-to-understand way. This new look has been carried out through an entire branding package for Marcia Teixeira from brochures and business cards to advertising materials and a trade show booth.


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