A New (Life)style For Metropolis

One of the major goals of any design studio is to create visuals that are appropriate for the market of whatever it is you’re designing for. The interesting part of this process is that trends for every market change from time to time and every so often it becomes necessary to come up with another solution for a project you’ve already worked on. This can be a fun challenge for designers since one of the main aspects of design is problem solving and finding solutions.

A prime example of this change in trend and market is our client, Metropolis Technology. Version-X has been working with Metropolis for years, crating a brand, collateral and packaging for the company’s professional hair styling tools. Previously, Metropolis had focused on the technology aspect of their brand, with visuals that reflected a futuristic environment and a stark white and blue color scheme. At the time, the beauty market was heavily focused on new technology in styling tools, so this theme appropriately positioned Metropolis within that market and gave them a cutting-edge reputation.  

In the years since this concept was rolled out, the market has become saturated with technology-laden tools. With technology being less special and more the expectation, Metropolis came to Version-X with the desire and need to stand out from the crowd in a different way. After months of research and development, Version-X created a completely new theme for the brand. The product line was simplified and reorganized to make the various styling tools more easily distinguishable to consumers and a distinctive city lifestyle theme was applied across the brand that reinforced the company’s name - Metropolis. 

Rather than focusing on models and hair, the brand focuses on collages of modern urban imagery and a luxe yet young, hip feel. More vibrant colors are contrasted with rich blacks and are accented by matte and glossy finishes and textures. Even the product names have been tied in as part of the cohesive theme. Instead of a confusing jumble of technical terms, each tool is now named after a world-renowned city and the individual packaging visuals reflect those city names and styles. In some instances the products themselves are skinned with maps, visuals and typography that relate to their namesake city.

The new branding elements are only just starting to be pushed into market, but the response is already resounding. With a new focus and a strong theme, Metropolis is poised to build even further on their reputation as a trend-setting leader in the professional beauty tool industry. 

Check out more photos of the new Metropolis packaging in our portfolio.

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