Herbalosophy Brand Strategy and Development by Version-X

When it came to developing their new brand, the makers of Herbalosophy were looking for the very best creative agency to partner with. Who can blame them: in a crowded market the success of a new line is dependent on the right talent and vision. With Version-X's impressive track record of developing successful hair care brands, including Macadamia Natural Oil and I.C.O.N., it’s no surprise that we topped their list. They entrusted Version-X to come up with something special, and based on the response they've gotten thus far, we more than lived up to the task.

Our client came to us simply with a general concept: a professional hair care brand centered around herbal ingredients. We took that concept, developed the name and established the brand positioning. From there we created the brand story and visual identity. Those elements were used to develop the packaging design, establish the brand architecture for their two main product lines and create supporting marketing materials. We also worked closely with the client and their chemists to help choose the ingredients and refine the scents to ensure that the products were performing properly on all levels.

We knew that we wanted to do something really special and customized with the packaging. After developing several different ideas, we ultimately decided to go with a direction that felt classic and sculptural. The clean and modern aided in helping connect ancient herb lore with the modern world.



After setting a direction and tone for the brand we developed literature and collateral that carried the message through and created a consistent voice. Point-of-sale materials were designed to accentuate the visual impact of the brand on-shelf.

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VX Photo Booth.